Roof Replacement

Roofing Materials

Our teamhas experience working with many popular brands of materials including TAMKO®, Firestone Building Products, GAF®, and MBCI®. If your architect or building owner has a different brand or material in mind other than those listed below, we are happy to work together.


Since 1944, our friends and fellow Missourians at TAMKO® have been producing building products for professionals.TAMKO® products offer a variety of strength and resistance to give customers a high-quality line of baseand cap sheetswaterproofing membranes, and cements and coatings that perform as well as they look.

Firestone Building Products

Our go-to for metal roofing systems Firestone Building Products is a relationship-centered and eco-friendly company dedicated to producing quality products that protect customers and the environment.

UNA-Edge™ Metal Edge System

The UNA-Edge™ Metal Edge System includes a Coping System, GravelStop System and DripEdge System for a secure roofing system with easy and efficient installation that meets International Building Code (IBC) compliance. Simple architectural sheet metal detailing, as well as no spring clips, extruded components or crimped edges also add to the system's appeal, giving the final product a clean finish.

CLAD-GARD™ Metal Roofing Underlayment

Providing an ideal moisture barrier between the roof deck and the adjacent metal system, Firestone CLAD-GARD™ underpayments come complete with a skid-resistant surface, nail reseal ability, high temperature resistance, corrosion protection, and weatherproofing during installation. CLAD-GARD™ underpayments are a smart way to protect your metal roofing investment.


With everything from modified bitumen roofing to sealants, we choose GAF® for the expertise behind the company's comprehensive roofing solutions. Rated #1 in shingle quality by home builders in 9 out of the last 11 years and a four-time winner of the Innovation Award for Asphalt Roofing Shingles, GAF® roofing is a clear front runner for your building selections.

Duro-Last Vinyl

Duro-Last is the world's largest manufacturer of custom prefabricated single-ply roofing systems used on commercial spaces. Duro-Last's vinyl roof membrane is made with durable thermoplastic and a watertight, chemical resistant coating. In addition to being virtually maintenance-free, the membrane is also built to withstand fire and high winds.


MBCI® is an artistic leader in contemporary metal roofing and wall systems, making large sheets of metal somehow look grand and striking while still being practical. Their extensive selection of over 90 metal roof and metal wall panels—the largest the industry—is meticulously performance-tested methods and offers complete engineering and design capabilities.

McElory™ Metal

For over 50 years, McElroy™ Metal has offered quality roofing solutions. McElroy™ Metal offers green solutions by customizing purchases with solar integration. The company website also has an "interactive visualizer" so customers can explore different color, material and finish options.

Recommended Materials

In most cases, we recommend selecting from these materials:

Aluminum Sheet Metal

  • 22-gauge aluminum sheet metal
  • 24-gauge aluminum sheet metal
  • 26-gauge aluminum sheet metal

Copper Sheet Metal

  • 22-gauge copper sheet metal
  • 24-gauge copper sheet metal
  • 26-gauge copper sheet metal